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The ultimate learning experience through space and time

Spaceport is a fantastic, immersive education attraction with direct links to the science/astronomy curriculum. For children aged 7 – 11 (Key Stage 2) the following parts of the space curriculum are featured at Spaceport:

The Solar System and accompanying worksheets cover

  • Sun, Moon, and Earth are approximately spherical.
  • The relative sizes of the Sun, Moon and Earth.
  • The Moon takes about 28 days to orbit the Earth.
  • The Moon’s appearance as it orbits the Earth

The Earth takes a year to orbit the Sun.

As part of your visit to Spaceport, you can become a virtual astronaut in our incredible 360 degree, fully immersive Space Dome Show, where are latest show ASTRONAUT is showing. Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut and explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space.

A visit to Spaceport typically takes at least two hours, of which approximately 30 minutes is spent in our dome theatre show.

A school child at Spaceport